The elements that affect the power of a brand are, from what you see (tangible), and from what you hear and that you feel (intangible). Both of the above elements are the main requirement to build the strength of a brand in the market competition.
Then, what elements are there in both elements? The elements contained in these two elements are as follows:
Tangible : Products, packaging, visual identity, etc.
ntangible : Quality of products and services.
Our Focus is a your brand Tangible issue, We do design needed from logo, visual identity, company profile, promotion marketing works and etc.
And our business reaches all circles, from Startup company to Mega Business Company.
And we have 2 types of Option for branding design division.
First Choice is total branding which provide service for entrepreneur or company which have new company name and want to branding total from zero to complete.
Second choice is Branding support that we provide support team to continue or help the company that already have branding concept for more exploration, so we can say option Branding support is like having professional design team inside your own company.